Gage Background
General distributors of all sorts and types of products and services to individuals, offices, industries, shops, school, factories, hospital, military, ministries and all other government offices. To carry on all or any of the stationers, printers, lithographers, stereotypes, electrotypes, engravers, photographers, printers, photographic, typesetting machine operators, die-sinkers, envelope makers, book binders, account book manufacturers, machine, rulers, numerical printers, paper maker, paper baffles and account book markers, box markers, cardboard manufactures, type of founders, photographers, manufacturers, manufacturers of and dealers in playing, visiting, railways, festivals invitation complimentary and fancy cards and valentine.

We also dealers in parchment stamp, agents for payment of stamps and other duties, advertising agents, designers, screen printing T-shirt, stickers, draftsman, manufacture of sellers, publishers and dealers in material used in the manufactures of paper, cabinet makers, file rack markers and dealers in or manufacturers of any other articles or things of character similar of analogous to the foregoing or any of them or connected therewith and to deal in the manufacture of any sell by wholesale or retail of school chalks and secretarial service.

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